39 Enticing Dreamcatcher Tattoos


The dreamcatcher has been an item of intrigue. Dreamcatchers have a long and fascinating past that originates with the Ojibwe folks—one of the biggest Native American tribes. To this day, dreamcatchers are generally found for sale at cultural events and Native American parties. The dreamcatcher’s complex design and significant symbology have certainly transitioned nicely intoRead more

Cherry Blossom Tattoos – Inspiring Designs that You Must Get


But they are more than simply ferocious warriors. Seemingly, Samurai live by a very commendable, moral code. Essentially, warrior’s way is one of honour, ethics, respect and chivalry. The cherry blossom is an excellent fit for the Samurai and Bushido. Why? Because it exemplifies the equilibrium between power. The cherry tree is tough and powerfulRead more